Q: Where can I buy the Pipe Vent Shield?

A: You can purchase the Pipe Vent Shield here online.


Q: Does the Pipe Vent Shield work on all roofs?

A: The pipe vent shield will work on any pitched roof. Pitched roofs comprise approximately 80 percent of the roofs in the U.S.


Q: What tools do I need to install the Pipe Vent Shield.

A: All you need is a ladder (to get onto the roof) and a utility knife to cut to size.


Q: What is the Pipe Vent Shield made from?

A: The Pipe Vent Shield is made from durable 90 Durometer EPDM Rubber.


Q: Does the Pipe Vent Shield come in different colors?

A: The Pipe Vent Shield currently only comes in black but you are able to paint it to match any shingle color.


Q: Can you paint the Pipe Vent Shield?

A: Yes.


Q: Is there a discount if I buy more than 10 Pipe Vent Shields?

A: If you are purchasing more than 10 units you might qualify for our reseller program. Please complete a reseller inquiry form here [inks to “Reseller Inquiry Form”].


Q: Can I return the Pipe Vent Shield if I don’t like it?

A: The Pipe Vent Shield is returnable if it is not damaged or scored.


Q: How much does the Pipe Vent Shield Cost?

A: The Pipe Vent Shield cost $24.99 plus shipping and handling charges.


Q: How long will the Pipe Vent Shield last?

A: The Pipe Vent Shield has a 3 Year Warranty. The 90 EPDM Rubber typically lasts 12 years.


Q: Can I install the Pipe Vent Shield myself?

A: Yes. With the easy to follow instructions the PVS is a 10 minute installation with only a ladder and a scoring knife needed.


Q: How long does it take to install the PVS?

A: Installation takes about ten minutes.